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아프리카 – 토고 지부 1 Day 컨퍼런스

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지난 3월 30일, 27명의 미혼여성들이 거주하는 로메 (서아프리카 토고의 수도)에서 컨퍼런스가 열렸다. 미혼여성들 단체는 60명으로 구성되었으며 경제적인 이유로 로메에 살기 시작했다. 

컨퍼런스에서 여성연합 활동을 소개하며 함께 활동하기를 권유했으며, 함께한 단체들 또한 활동을 설명하는 시간을 가졌다. 컨퍼런스의 주제인 ‘가정은 사랑의 학교’는 몇몇의 미혼여성들은 매우 희망적인 경험을 공유했다는 의견으로 회원들에게 매우 유익한 시간이었다. 이 단체와 공식적인 파트너쉽을 체결하는 문서 작성이 4월 말에 이루어졌다.


Africa – Togo Chapter 1 Day Conference

Conference was held with 27 virgin girls residing in Lome. In the association, they are 60 persons around the nation. But because of money, we decided to start with those living in Lome before.

At the meeting, WFWP and her objectives was presented to them and our objective to work with them. Their association and objectives are also presented to our members. The theme of the conference shared with them was “The family is the school of love” extracted from the document “The Families True Values” Some virgin girls shared their experiences which are very hopeful. Our objective is to bring them to the blessing. This meeting was very interesting for the members. A contract document for partnership with this association is elaborated and we will sign it officially at the end of April.

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