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2013년 6월 1일, 지역 아웃리치 프로그램인 ‘금욕과 절제(The Abstinence)’프로젝트로 ‘순결을 지킴으로써 오는 이점’ 이라는 주제로 50여명이 참석한 가운데 글짓기 대회를 열었다.

이날 대회는 지역 청년 커뮤니티의 청년지도자인 마퀴스 브라운 군이 1등으로 당선되었다.

이후 참석자들에게 강연과 ‘건강한 선택을 하기 위한 어머니의 지침서’란 워크북을 전달하였으며 워싱턴D.C.에서 열린 글짓기 대회와 여성연합의 활동 영상을 시청하였다.


USA - Pennsylvania
First Annual Essay Writing Contest "What are the benefits of maintaining sexual purity before marriages?"

A community outreach program entitled “The Abstinence” was launched on June 1, 2013 at the Enon Chapel Baptist church. The First Annual WFWP Essay Writing Contest was held and the winners were finally declared and awarded. This was the first such contest on the topic titled “What are the benefits of maintaining sexual purity before marriage?” Marquis Brown, who is one of the youth leaders in his community, was awarded the first place.

Jamal Johnson highlighted the events with his powerful presentation on a topic “Abstinence “and a workbook titled “Imani’s Guide to Making Healthy Choices” was given to the participants as part of the program session.  Aside from a video presentation of the Essay Writing Contest held in D.C., a WFWP Turning Point video was also presented at the beginning of the program. Over 50 guests came that day.

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