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영국 지부 – 초종교 태피스트리 (여러가지 다른 색과 그림을 섞어 만드는 기법) 증정식

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영국 여성연합의 Harrow지부는 지난 6월 29일, Harrow Civic 센터 회의실에서 신임시장인 Cllr. Nizam Ismail 씨에게 초종교 태피스트리를 증정하는 행사를 열게 되었다.

회의실에는 전 Harrow시의 시장인 Cllr. Chowdhury씨와 영국 여성연합 회장인 Mitty Tohma를 비롯한 25명의 인사들이 함께 했다.

이 프로젝트는 3년 전에 초종교 순례가 열린 이후 시작되었고, 여성의 힘으로 세계가 하나되고 평화로운 화해를 열어가는데 기여하고 싶은 마음에서 출발하게 되었다.

이 태피스트리 그림은 다양한 문화, 종교, 민족적 배경을 가지고 있는 사람들이 손에 손을 잡고 지구 전체를 둘러싸고 있는 색채가 다양한 그림이다. 이 그림은 한 달에 한 번 정기 모임을 하고 있는 여성연합의 초종교 모임인 ‘커피 모닝’ 회원들과 유대인 모임 회원들, 회교도인들이 공동으로 완성한 작품이다.

이날 행사는 Agneta Marsh 지부장(Harrow 지부)의 환영사, Taeko Duckworth 부회장(영국)의 여성연합과 태피스트리의 배경에 대해 짧은 소개의 시간과 Cllr. Ismail 시장의 연설, 단체사진을 촬영에 이어 폐회사로 행사를 마무리했다.


Report on the Interfaith Tapestry Offering Ceremony  29.06. 2012

The WFWP Harrow branch held a ceremonial offering of the Interfaith Tapestry to the new Mayor of Harrow, Cllr. Nizam Ismail in Council Room 5, Harrow Civic Centre on Friday, 29th June 2012.

The Council room was filled to capacity with 25 people, including Cllr. Chowdhury, the former Mayor of Harrow and Mitty Tohma, the WFWP UK President.

The WFWP Harrow branch began this project three years ago immediately after the Interfaith pilgrimage was held within the Harrow community, with a sincere desire to contribute towards peaceful reconciliation

in the world by way of the collaborative power of women. This tapestry portrays a colourful picture of women who come from many different cultural, religious and racial backgrounds holding their hands and embracing the whole earth, which is also surrounded by the symbols of many different faiths. The Tapestry has been completed with the help of the Harrow Mosque, the Jewish League of Women at monthly meetings, WFWP inter-faith coffee mornings, and has been displayed at the “Under One Sky” festival where women of various faiths contributed. The WFWP Harrow has kept a record book in order to recognize everyone involved, and this was also offered together with the tapestry to the Mayor of Harrow during the ceremony.

After the opening remarks given by the WFWP Harrow representative, Agneta Marsh, the presentation of the tapestry began with a short introduction concerning the WFWP and the background of the tapestry by the WFWP UK Vice President, Taeko Duckworth. Cllr. Ismail then gave a short but very sincere speech to the audience, which was followed by “the handover of the tapestry to the Mayor” from three members of the WFWP representing all the women who have contributed. After having an official photo of the handover, the program ended with closing remarks, which mentioned the autobiography of the Dr. Rev. Moon, the Co-founder of the WFWP, and it was offered to everyone who participated in the ceremony.

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