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캐리비안 지역 도미니카 공화국 지부- 여성연합 창립20주년 기념식 및 세계여성평화네트워크(GWPN) 개최

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지난 11월 24일 가정연합 강당에서 약 100명이 참석한 가운데 <여성연합 창립 20주년 기념식>과 ‘평화세계를 위한 여성들의 연대’라는 주제로 <세계여성평화네트워크(GWPN)>가 열렸다.

이 날 전 여성부 장관인 Gladis Gutierrez씨와 아이티(Haiti)의 수도인 포토(Porto Principe)지역 현 시장이 참석하여 창립행사를 축하했다.

여성연합 회장인 Diana Contreras교수와 Josep박사는 도미니카 공화국과 아이티, 두 나라를 대표했으며 평화의 자매가 되었다. 역사적으로 두 나라의 관계가 매우 약했던 이유로 이번 행사는 양국의 참석자들에게 큰 희망과 깊은 인상을 남겨주었다.

또한 엔터테인먼트의 시간에는 청소년 가스펠 듀오, 세미프로 가수와 일본 전통 춤 등이 진행되었다.

<세계여성평화네트워크(GWPN)>는 Santo Domingo에 있는 인터콘티넨탈 V Centenario 호텔에서 진행되었다.

이날 참석한 절반 이상의 지도자들이 여성연합과는 첫만남이었지만 ‘전에는 느껴보지 못했던 마음의 평화를 느꼈으며, 앞으로 어떤 행사가 있더라도 꼭 연락을 달라’며 참석 소감을 전하기도 했다.


Caribbean Region_Dominican Republic_WFWP 20th Anniversary event

On last November 24, held the WFWP 20th Anniversary event with around 100 people at Family Federation auditorium in Dominican Republic of Caribbean Region since 4pm during two hours.

The main program of this event was to award 2 persons for their distinguished service for our activities.

Pro. Elida Jimenez had been president of WFWP Dominican Rep. for 14years,
Mrs.Miraglos Velas is a president of NGO “Avanzada Feminina” and one of our board members .
She is always mobilizing her members to our events and cooperating with our projects.
Another special program was the Peace Bridge Ceremony

We had special guests. One was former Minister of Women’s Dep. Mrs. Gladis Gutierrez and other was . Dr..Rene Marie Joseph who is a present mayor of Porto Principe Capital city of Haiti.

Our president of WFWP Pro. Diana Contreras and Dr. .Joseph were representing both countries and become sisters of peace. Since two nations having very delicate relationship historical, this event gave participants great hope and deep impression.

We prepared wonderful entertainment too.

Young gospel song duo , semi-pro singer and Japanese traditional dance.

Everybody were happy and cheerful.


Held GWPN in Dominican Republic, Caribbean Region, Latin America

On November 24, held the ‘Global Women’s Peace Network’(GWPN) event under theme of ‘Solidarity of women for World Peace’.

This event was participated 36people in Intercontinental V Centenario hotel where situated in Santa Domingo at 12:00~3:00pm.

At first we plan to invite 30 women leader from different fields.
When we informed the idea of GWPN ,many women responded well and had interest.
It was big challenge for us to have an event in Hotel for the first time.

Even though we had plan for this event since Aug. because of many reason we only had 3 weeks to prepare everything .with few stuff members and fond. Another challenge was to have 2 events in one day in 2 different locations.

MC was one of Peace Ambassador and she helped to translate True Mother’s

Speech into Spanish. And she read it clearly with dignity. Therefore all participants listen seriously and following copied material page by page.

A few participants raised their hands for proposal of committee members.

About half of participants were attended second event of 20th celebration near the Hotel by walking there.

For more than half of guests attended to our event for the first time.

We could hear the impression from one of participants next day .

“ I was deeply touched ever before, especially when I heard Japanese member’s singing my heart was filled with peace. Please let me know whenever you have any events in the future.” She is longtime friend of the First Lady and represented her this time

Because of two nations ( Haiti, Cuba) participation made event international and more meaningful.

Our task for now is to find common theme or problems to discuss and work together with those women leaders.


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