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Report for the 21st Annual Women’s Conference for Peace in the Middle East.

July 6-7, 2017  The United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria


Since 1997, WFWPI has held an annual conference on women's specific contribution to peace in the Middle East, inviting women leaders from throughout the region and representatives of governments, UN agencies and civil society. The conference is sponsored by WFWP, Japan.

On July 6-7, 2017 over 100 women leaders and UN representatives, including Dr. Amal Osman, the co-chair of MEW, Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, the laureate of Sunhak Peace Prize 2016, Mr. Jean-Luc Lemihieu, UNODC Director of Policy Analysis and Public Affairs, Ms. Hanan Al Hroub, Global Teacher Award laureate, met at the United Nations in Vienna to assess and encourage the remarkable contribution of women to peace and sustainable development. This 21st anniversary of event of WFWPI hosted educators, academics, lawmakers, governments, NGO leaders from 18 Middle East region countries, as well as Europe and Asia.


Opening Session.


At the Opening Session, Professor Yeon Ah Moon welcomed an overflowing room with a few thoughts by emphasizing the importance of feminine leadership originating from a motherly heart and a desire to provide education for the young generation of today. Professor Moon encouraged all the women leaders to work together for exploring the culture of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

Mr. Jean-Luc Lemahieu, UNODC Director of Policy Analysis and Public Affairs, described the plan of action for 2030 by including women in national law enforcement and security aid system, countering terrorism prevention and building capacity of Civil Society to respond to violent terrorism. Mr. Lemahieu added, “As the roadmap is set out, the only thing we need to act.”

Dr. Amal Osman, the co-chair of MEW, pointed out that sustainable development cannot be realized without peace between countries and a culture of peace is a set of attitudes, a way of life, women rights, the respect of principles of sovereignty, political independence. Dr. Osman wishes for cooperation between women leaders for realizing common goal.

Dr. Lan Young Moon, Former President of WFWPI addressed her remarks about her conviction that women and mothers can change the world. There is no other solution than true eternal love in this selfish world. Dr. Moon expressed her gratitude to all participants, who supported the MEW conference for the past 20 years.


Session One.

Quality Education and Sustaining Peace in the ME (SDG 4)


The first speaker of the panel was Ms. Hanaan Al Hroub, the teacher who is dealing with Palestinian refugee children by using an approach she developed, and the laureate of Global Teacher Prize. Ms. Hanaan said that the peace starts at home and we need to concentrate on empowering families. Ms. Hanaan appreciates teachers to become peacebuilding educators and children to become peace fighters, and create a generation who live better than their parents

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, the Sunhak Peace Prize Laureate referred the importance of practicing the peace through education. Dr. Yacoobi said that the young generation is our investment to love and share our hearts so that they could feel safe and secure. In addition, Dr. Yacoobi added that peace happens with a change of attitude, values and respect.


Session Four.

The UN and Civil Society: Influencing Change and becoming Owners of Peace (SDG 17)


The first session on Day 2 was lead by Dr. Zoe Benette, Women’s Federation’s Director for the Middle East on the topic: “The UN and Civil Society: Influencing Change and becoming Owners of Peace.” Mrs. Carolyn Handschin, the Director of WFWP UN Office, reminded the vision of the WFWP Founder and importance of building the culture of Global Family that can change the world by moving the hearts of people in cooperation with the UN and governments. The true solution has to include the understanding of the root of the problem. There was a Q and A session where all the participants could speak and share their thoughts with each other.


Session Six.

Conclusions, Recommendations.


A series of recommendations and a Call to Action were drawn up and accepted by consensus in the closing ceremony leaded by Ms. Brigitte Wada. Ms. Nada A. Harward from UAE pointed out that the most important thing is to change the mindset and convince women to participate in peacebuilding process. For that the healing and forgiveness need to come first, and there should be a trust and education of youth to love, develop critical thinking and open-mind.

Ms. Horiko Mori, president of WFWP Japan, thanked the women participants of Middle East and staffs of the MEW conference for 20 years of investment and cooperation in bringing the peace to Middle East. Ms. Hori believes that the world will be a much better place because of the impact and influence of every woman.

Dr. Zoe Benett gave a summary of the conference pointing out that the peace-loving nature of women must be utilized to bring peace in the Middle East; and that the peace begins with the individual and the family. As it is the 21st Anniversary of the Conference, which means the adult in the human age, MEW is growing and developing and at the same time having more responsibilities and issues to solve. Dr. Bennett hoped that everyone could take something out from the conference, which can be used in the personal and public life.

Dr. Amal Osman expressed her gratitude to all sisters for their statement, interventions and comments and encourages to continuously work for our goals and responsibilities.

Following the heated discussions and the forming of new friendships during the three-day conference, the women parted appreciating the support of WFWP Japan and International for the conference, and knowing a great task was ahead for them.


The Farewell Party and the 25th Anniversary of WFWP Celebration.

120 WFWP Leaders and Women Leaders from the Middle East gathered at banquet room in NH Danube City Hotel to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WFWP and victory of the 21st MEW Conference. The celebration party was culminated by the songs and dances from representatives of every countries. Finally, participants stand on the round to dance all together expressing their desire for peace and unity in the Middle East.


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